My Life Scene Investigation has been involved in helping change behavior with students from over 50 schools in Seattle, Dallas and Los Angeles.  One of the big issues that schools have to deal with is disrespect from students which sometimes gets a response from administrators but very often they are petrified to respond because of useless, jackass, ill mannered and just plain ignorant parents.  Parents who threaten to sue and go to social media and cause all sorts of crazy for the teacher and school.

I have a one truth you need to get, understand and maybe it will bring you down to reality and off your almighty throne – YOUR CHILD IS NOT JESUS.  That means you did not give birth to perfection and divinity.  You are not God, not even god.

A local Dallas teacher was featured on Good Morning America today for her post on the behavior of 6th grade students in her classroom.  The behavior of students and their parents.  If you have not seen it, watch it.

Watch Now

Teachers need more respect.  Students need to learn from parents what decent behavior is.  Parents who see other parents and children who behave badly need to back up teachers.  They need to demand better behavior and not run to their little walking perfections and take their sides before they learn the truth.  The default is NOT My Child Is Always Right.  The first response should be – I Stand With The Teacher Until I Learn Different.

Respect needs to return to many schools and classrooms.  Let it start with you in your home and then the classroom and then the schools.

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