The Story of My Future

MyLifeScene uses Positive Forensics

The most innovative Talent DNA profiling system available to help individuals discover their Talents.

The most innovative Talent DNA profiling system available to help students identify and discover their Talent.

Identify your Talents

MyLifeScene uses the powerful Life Scene Investigation online discovery technology that helps individuals identify their hard-wired Talents clarify their Character drivers

Over 60 Lessons and 5 Personality Tests

The Life Scene Investigation process include videos, readings, analytical questions, engagement exercises, discussion on social media, success scenarios for college, career and character building.

MyLifeScene Profiles

A Talent DNA Profile will enable you to predict success in college choice, majors, minors and other career and life options.  It is the most powerful innovative technology available for career selection and life choices.

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  • Includes a FREE download of “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” by Mark R Demos

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