The Story of My Future

MyLifeScene uses Positive Profiling

If you are ready to discover the future you know you were meant for, you have found it!  My Life Scene is the pathway to clarity and a future of amazing success!
The most innovative Talent DNA profiling system available to help students identify and discover their Talent.

Discover My Brilliance

Do you know what makes you amazing?  If you don’t you need to.  It is the GPS to your destination of a beautiful life! My Life Scene will help you discover the brilliance waiting to be revealed in you!  You long to be seen and desire to be successful.  You just need to be shown the way.  Welcome home.

Discover My Future

Your pathway to success in college, a great career and building a happy life starts here. My Life Scene will walk you step by step into the future your always knew was waiting to be discovered and lived! Now take that first step to hope!

My Pathway Forward

Decisions can be so difficult when you don’t have the right information.  We know you don’t want to fail. My Life Scene will give you all the right information to make those decisions.  If your deepest hope is to be successful in your choice of colleges, majors, minors and other career and life options, you have found it!

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  • Full access to over 65 lessons with videos, tests, readings and places to write about your amazing talents.
  • 5 powerful tests to Identify your brilliant talents and character strengths.
  • A personalized Talent DNA Profile site with that you can share with prospective colleges and potential employers!
  • Includes a FREE download of “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” by Mark R Demos

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Will you be another statistic or amazing success? 
Almost 50% of students who begin a degree never finish it.
Between 25-40% of students who begin college drop out their first year.
Around 50% of students who start a four year degree take six years to finish.
70% of students graduate with over $40,000 in student debt radically affecting their lives for many years.
83% of students will change their majors up to three times.
Are you going to drop out, get lost along the way, take the long road to your destination and end up in huge debt?
Predicting success demands the right data.


Do you have the right information to make the most important decisions of your life?
Are you willing to make decisions when you lack the most powerful data that defines who you are and what makes you brilliant and amazing?
How can you create a strategic plan that charts your course to the future when you don’t even know what resources and abilities you possess?
Will you get 20 years into your future and be living with regret, debt and wishing you could start again?


There is a beautiful and amazing life waiting for you!
If you want that life, you must spend the time today to know yourself and answer the biggest question of life, “Who am I?”
Do you believe your life is so cheap and shallow that you will bank your future on a 15-30 minute survey and or a couple of interviews?
What we know is this.  You are a complex, multi-faceted, brilliant and beautiful human being.  You can discover your purpose.  Embrace life with passion.  Walk confidently into your future with great clarity.


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