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My Life Scene LMS Options

The My Life Scene platform is a fully functional LMS that allows for multiple classes, teachers and thousands of students.  There are discussion boards, chat options, email notifications, lesson feedback and produces a fully enabled students Talent Profile and the end of the class.

We have a full training program for teachers and facilitators.  The training can normally be accomplished in 2 full days.  We have a client and student support staff who are available to answer questions and deal with issues.

My Life Scene is a perfect fit for high school students as they look to the future and seek to understand the way ahead.  For many who are anxious and uncertain what their pathway looks like, My Life Scene lights their way.

We have worked in schools in Seattle, Los Angeles and Dallas.  In Seattle the Life Scene Investigation program was focused on high performing high school students.  In Los Angeles the focus was working with immigrant teens in charter schools.  The focus is always the same – Talent discovery and Character clarification.

A version of My Life Scene, Life Scene Investigation, has been used in the Richardson Independent School District since 2010 with at risk students.  LSI has helped significantly reduce the recidivism rate in their Out of School Suspension program.

Mrs. Lorine Burrell, M.Ed., Principal – Christa McAuliffe Learning Center – Richardson Independent School District (Richardson, TX) .    “I think of the LSI’s curriculum as a significant tool for helping our young adults reach their life-long goals. LSI helps them to discover their talents, to identify what they are passionate about in life, and to re-direct their gifts into positive directions. The young adults at CMLC are accomplishing these tasks and doing so with a great sense of pride. The staff at CMLC takes pride in knowing they play an important part in the students’ development by using the LSI – WHO R U curriculum. We recognize the curriculum is specific and helps students discover who they are, what strengths they possess, and how they can use this information in real life situations. The students’ outlook on life is more positive since their involvement in the LSI curriculum. I believe the program could benefit students from 6th grade through 12th grade. Every child is gifted, talented and has a lot to offer. LSI is great program for teachers to help children figure it out.”

Talent DNA has created powerful training for teachers, administrators and school counselors in how to use the curriculum, support students and move them towards the goals of graduation and clarity for future education and careers.


Home Schools

Home schools and home school networks are a perfect fit for the My Life Scene software.  The process can be adapted for your needs and for your philosophical or religious beliefs.  We have a faith workbook that can be used for Christian faith groups or various denominations.

The program lends itself to class discussion, student interaction, teacher participation and class projects.  We have a consultants who can help you design the perfect program for your organization or group.


Private and Parochial Schools

Private, parochial, charter and other schools are a great fit for the My Life Scene software and program.

We have the ability to adapt the curriculum to your specific needs and mission.  Our curriculum and design specialists can create a seamless fit for your school to build your students engagement and pathway experience.

Various faith application workbooks and guides have been developed and can be adapted to your specific needs.

Rehabs, Mental Health, Wilderness Programs

Wilderness schools, rehabs, diversion programs, juvenile drug courts and probations programs.  The Life Scene Investigation program has been used in juvenile programs, drug courts, the Teen Discovery programs, with non-profits for at-risk youth, first offender programs and more.  The program has had great success and both parents and the teens who have participated have given it rave reviews.

Because the program focuses on what is right with the student and looks to help develop character, the changes in students is profound.  We use profiles like The Values In Action, GRIT, PERMA and others.  The students have to perform various exercises that look at giving their talents to others and volunteering.

We will work with your organization to tailor My Life Scene to your specific program needs.



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