321Go!  Countdown to College

Suzy M Nelson Ph.D., vice president and Dean for Student Life. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
“”Countdown to College is an excellent and practical guide for helping your child choose the best college for them and for getting the most out of the experience once they get there. It gives great advice to parents who want their children to have a successful transition to college life.”

321Go!  Countdown to College

After all the testing, touring and applying, your child has been accepted to college. Congratulations! Now what?
Every new student struggles making a successful transition to college. Many fail to do so and many fall out!

One in three freshmen will drop out. Less than 50 percent will graduate on time. Many take six years.

A student’s adjustment is key. Starting with the lazy summer months before move-in and ending at the dizzying close of a student’s first semester.

321GO! presents a unique month-by-month road map to a college experience that is rich, rewarding, and successful for teens and parents alike.

Coaching parents and students from the moment the acceptance letters arrive to the end of the first semester.

The likelihood of graduation is greatly improved if a student’s launch is well managed and directed.

321GO!’s experts advice covers everything your family needs for a successful launch!

Contact a 321Go College Success Coach today if you have any questions or want to sign up for a coaching program. info@mylifescene.com

Marvin Krislov, President, Pace University

“A valuable and comprehensive guide for parents of college-bound students . . . The months between high school and college are a critical time, but Dr. Monique Rinere gives you confidence that everything will be all right.”

The 321Go Programs

The drop-out rate the first year for college students is over 30%.  Over 80% of students start one major and change often as many as three times.  Over 50% of students take six years to complete a four year degree.  Over 70% of students graduate with over $39,000.00 of student debt which affects their futures and standard of living for years.

Beating the odds requires having the right information and process.  Our process of self-discovery is the best way to start to know what you bring to your future.   Working with our expert college and career coaches will give you the best likelihood of success and beating the odds.  This is an exciting process.  Working with a coach who is experienced and desires nothing but your success is an support everyone needs.

• Assessing the right fit among your child’s options: who and what to ask to get the real scoop on campus and academic life
• Understanding actual costs: considering hidden expenses, financial-aid and scholarship fine print, loans, and work-study opportunities
• Parenting through the senior slump so that students don’t jeopardize their hard-won college spot
• Talking to your child about freshman culture shock and their new freedoms around parties, food, finances, and sleep
• What your child needs to know about working with an academic advisor, interacting with professors, and creating their own community of advisors
• How to help your rising freshman create a conceptual bridge from what they are, a graduating high school senior, to what they want to be, a college alum
• Time-management and class-scheduling tips to help your child pick an appropriate class (and extracurricular) load
• Advice for parents facing the emptying nest: letting go of your anxieties about your child’s autonomy and seizing this opportunity to reinvent your life in new and intentional ways

If you are ready to work with one of our expert consultants or coaches, connect and enroll in one of our many coaching programs, courses for both students and parents, contact info@mylifescene.com today or call (425) 492-4300