We all want to know the future and hope for that future to be a life of success and happiness.  What if we could begin now by creating The Story of My Future.

At MyLifeScene we help to create great futures and believe we are able to predict likely pathways to a great life based on discovering your Talent DNA. The future is not created by worrying about and avoiding our fears but by identifying our dreams and embracing them.

We have created the process of Positive Forensics which is used to profile what futures are made from – Talent and Character.  Each of our programs begins with creating a MyLifeScene Talent DNA Profile.

Who do we work with? There are three distinct categories of people we work with:

  1. The Lost – many people just don’t know who they are or where they fit.  This results in sometimes get into trouble, failing in school, have friends that are less than stellar and often times just being stuck.
  2. The Lacking. – many individuals just don’t engage and thrive. When someone doesn’t know who they are, what they have to work with, when they don’t know what their talents are and what they are made of, they seldom try hard. They are seen as lazy or bored and just don’t seem to care about anything.
  3. High Performers. We have seen many people who are brilliant and talented excel and others go wrong.  The most talented students, athletes and individuals often carry the heaviest burden to perform. Learning to own talent, be grateful and combine talent with character is vital for their long term happiness and success. Great Talent must be managed or the results can be very bad.

“Mark Demos has taken Forensics, the scientifically comprehensive evidence discovery process, to help you discover Evidence that applies to the important matters of life. From how to navigate through the toughest situations, to decisions about profession, education and parenting and ultimately defining your course in life. You will be directed and encouraged to discover Evidence of your Talents and apply them to creating a life filled with the three important “P’s”: Purpose, Passion and Performance.” ​​Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Ph.D. – Past President American Psychological Society and Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Law. University of California, Irvine.

College and Career Success – Talent DNA ProfileTM (16-24 years)

Getting ready to launch into life by looking at college or another post high school career is often a time filled with both anxiety and hope.

Preparing for a successful future and life requires more than simply getting good grades and SAT scores. Many teens and young adults simply drop out and never graduate. They don’t know who they are and they lack clarity about the future.

In 2013, “The American Dream 2.0” report funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation said that 46% of students and 63% of African American students don’t graduate college within six years resulting in billions of dollars in additional loans.

If you want to write “Success and Happiness” into The Story of Your Future, it begins now.  If you want clarity for your pathway forward to engage and excel, you need to get centered today by signing up for MyLifeScene – Talent DNA Profile.

Dr. Deborah M. Khoshaba, Ph.D. – Founder of Psychology in Everyday Life and Director of Training and Program Development of the Hardiness Institute, Inc  “If you’ve been looking for your true-life purpose, don’t look any further. The DNA Success Code™ gives you a precise method for discerning who you are and what you were meant to do in this life, through your actual talents and capabilities.Herein lies the code of purpose and fulfillment. You learn how to detect purpose through the basics of the life that you’ve been living thus far, rather than just bump up against it through trial and error living.”

Launch to Life – Talent DNA ProfileTM

There are hundreds of thousands of people who never finished high school, dropped out of college, never figured out what they wanted to do, have given up even trying to find work and are just stuck.  No one wants to be there.  They don’t.  Their parents don’t.

We have the answer to get you up and start moving. Over and over again we have seen how when individuals can identify their Talents and discover their Big Why, they start moving. When you can see your way forward and you can make sense out of the pathway ahead, you will move.   The agony of being stuck, depressed and blocked can be gone.

Today is the day to sign up and engage life and begin to write The Story of Your Future!

“I really do appreciate everything that you have done for me. I was lost and hopeless before we started working together. So lost I felt so much pain but couldn’t even cry because I didn’t understand it. You have really allowed me to see the world clearly and use every day as a way to better myself and the world around me through understanding who I am as a man and a person. I’m really excited about the future for the first time in my life. It has been a long and grueling process to get to this point. But it’s nice to finally be here and continually try and think of ways to keep bettering myself in the world because there is always more to do. I really understand now that I have a lot to offer this world and I am confident that I will be able to fulfil my purpose. Thank you. I hope I can impact people’s lives just like you have impacted mine.” Charles D 22 years old – San Francisco

The Legacy ForumTM – Intensive

The Legacy Forum is a program for young adults who need specialized intensive help. The program has been highly successful where other programs such as rehabs, boot camps, wilderness schools, mental health approaches and other psychotherapeutic intervention have not worked.

For a detailed description of the program, click on the Legacy Forum photo on the left.

Andy Chan, Vice President for Career Services at Wake Forrest University
“…I was confronted with the reality that this generation of young adults is dazed and confused – hopeful yet discouraged; desiring social change yet desiring financial and career security; ambitious yet unwilling to pay their dues. The world is changing rapidly and today’s young adult must learn how to grow and thrive quickly. They must be self-aware, values- and purpose-driven, cross-culturally competent, and change resilient. Otherwise, they may lose many years wandering in search of themselves and meaning.