Rising to the challenge of college is the title of a new blog by My Life Scene board member Dr. Monique Rinere.  Dr Rinere is an expert and if you don’t read the blog, you are simply saying that you wish to remain stupid.

I am going to post the first three paragraphs of her blog and I want you to click on the link to continue reading it.  You will NOT be sorry and it may save you and your child thousands of dollars.

“The question of whether you get a good education is up to you, not up to the university” – Malcolm Gladwell

As we enter another college admission cycle, I want to take just a few minutes to urge high school students and their parents to consider wide-ranging options that fit their budget.

Too many students (and their parents) are taking on crushing debt to get a degree. We have all heard the numbers. They are staggering. Seventy percent of students graduate with significant debt. The average is now almost $40K per student. The total national debt of college students has risen to over $1.5 trillion. Why not go to a college that you can most easily afford?

Some say that going to a college with great name recognition is really, really important. Not only do you have bragging rights but you enter elite circles of people at the get-go.


We all need help with our teens.  We need help to guide them to the futures we all hope and desire they will embrace.  We want them to be happy, productive and to thrive in life.

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