It is getting really close for the last preparations. Make sure while you are in this final phase you have the answers to the most important questions to ensure a successful launch to college!

Dr. Monique Rinere PhD, will be talking live on Zoom about the last essential elements you must address before your child leaves to go to college. This can be a frantic, emotional and crazy time. So, to get the advice of and be able to ask questions of one of the world’s leading experts could prove invaluable.

These questions and others will be discussed.

  1. We know that high school counseling and college advising are very different from one another. Can you share a little bit about how they differ and how students can benefit from the advising on offer at college?
  2.  What about other resources? What should parents expect?
  3. Any words of wisdom if a new college student has been diagnosed with disabilities at some point?

This is not something you will want to miss. Have your questions ready. Invite friends who have children who are also about to leave.

Make this last part of your 321GO Countdown to College seamless and watch as your child blasts off to an amazing life!

The Webinar will be hosted on The Zoom room code is

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This event is FREE.  If you would like to register go to 321Go