What a waste! I was sitting in Starbucks yesterday and overheard a conversation between an author friend of mine and a University of Texas student. As I always do, I get to talking to her as I do with anyone and everyone I don’t know.

She is doing Summer School. She is very bright. She is very frustrated. She would rather be doing something else with her Summer other than making up for a failed class that she had every reason to believe she would pass. (The cost at University of Texas at Dallas for a 3 credit hour class – $2,200-$4,600.00.)

So I ask her what her major is. She tells me she started as a Math major because she was good at Math in high school and scored high on her SAT’s. Now after her first year she is definitely changing to possibly Marketing or Psychology. Marketing because she enjoyed a required business class and also because her father told her that majoring in Psychology doesn’t prepare you for anything with an undergraduate degree.

What if next semester she takes another class she likes and thinks that might be her future? What if …..? What if her parents don’t approve? What if she just gets stuck, anxious, feels a failure and stops attending classes…?

Imagine being 19, in college, no option but to continue, confused with her options to go forward, disabused of the excitement of being an adult and being in college.

Imagine trying to determine the pathway you will take and likely be on for the next 40 years by determining a college major responding to these idiotic question – LOOK AT THE PHOTO ABOVE!

This is on one of the top college discovery sites for kids looking to figure out their futures.

How does someone like this, maybe your son or daughter get there. Just read it a couple of times and ask yourself if you would bank your next 20 years (5,000 days), 30 years (7,500 days), 40 years (10,000 days) of daily grind on such inane and pathetic questions. Making choices about the future for your child demands much more than that.

We have a better way. We can change the future for your child. We can help your child get the right information. Discover their amazing Talent DNA. We can help your child figure out what matters to them most and what will keep them focused and engaged as they walk confidently forward.

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