I believe we all come to this world knowing we have a story that will be told and will unfold.  It is something deep and real within us.  We have a sense of destiny.  A destination that we hope will be a best seller.  The Story of My Future!

Thinking about how to write that story and how it will unfold is the big question.  Do I need a creative writing teacher?  Do I need someone to help me edit.  How will my story be told or sold?  Will it be an unread novel?  Will it become a thrift store shelf special where 10 other books can be bought in a box for $1?  Or will my life be a story that is seen, told and sold and becomes an Amazon Best Seller!

How do we begin to take this blueprint, this shadow of what we know we can become and bring it out to the full light of day?  To outline the chapters, to have the words,  to write sentences that create paragraphs and the story begin to flow?

Here are some starters that I will continue in future blogs:

  1. I must believe I have a Story.  If you don’t you won’t even start to write.  I must believe I have a Story of My Future.  A story that has a plan, purpose and ending that can be seen with clarity and written with beauty.  Do you honestly, deeply and absolutely believe you have The Story of My Future that is waiting to be written?
  2. I must believe I have an audience.  Why write a book if I don’t believe anyone will ever read it?  I know each one of us know and believe we have a place in this world and we want others to see what we bring to their lives and this planet.  It is called Purpose.  Lives lose power, lose meaning and we get what is called “Writers Block” when the story loses purpose and direction.  Do you believe you are here for a purpose?

Having someone or something to help you write your story makes all the difference.  Over the past 20 years I have given my life to helping others write The Story of My Future.  I have worked closely, one on one; helped groups, classes in schools, people in churches, even corporate executives, moms and dads, lost teens, addicts, athletes, orphans.

I know that your life is a story waiting to be told.  I hope you will explore and sign up for My Life Scene.  I created it for you.  Not just for a student or professional but for you, where you are right now as you read this.  It is a plan.  It is a process.

Why not start today, sign up and begin to write The Story of My Future.

Mark R Demos is the author of “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” and founder of My Life Scene.