I raised three teens, two older boys and a younger girl child.  They were two years apart.  I was a single parent and I would often believe I would end up jumping into the lake, not to kill myself but to cool off and stop the steam coming from my overheating head.

Verbal arguments, trying to explain simple logic, setting boundaries, asking had homework been done, wanting to know where they were going, who were the new friends, who would be at the party, when were chores going to be done, what was the smell coming from their rooms, who was in the bathroom last…….

There were times I would honestly think I was going to go mad.  Having to retrain myself from pulling my hair out, kicking the mad Jack Russell who would join in arguments by yapping and bouncing like an out of control firework, or booking a ticket to outer Slovobia to seek asylum, was never easy.  Teens can get your goat better than any species on the planet or dark side of the moon.  You find yourself with no words to respond with other than, “Because I said so” or “I am calling that wilderness school” or “&%%$@$$$@)(&  *&&%**# *& )(*&”

Then in the depth of winter I discovered two words that silenced the beasts and spring returned.  Only two of the beasts as my oldest Andre was a sane rational creature for the most part.  These words hushed the two younger.  They looked confused.  They walked in circles.  Like lions who refused to eat Daniel, their mouths shut.  Once or twice they mumbled like drunken monkeys.  They looked at me and were not sure how, what, when, where or what the price of eggs were in Mumbai.

I learned about these words from a book by Dr. John Rosemond. I had read everything on teens that was available.  I worked with teens, tough teens who committed crimes, took drugs and were violent.  I was an expert to many but a twit with my kids.  I had never read Dr. Rosemond’s book, Teen Proofing.  

You waited long enough.  What are these two words that slay teens, their kryptonite?  PROBABLY SO.  That’s it.  Yep.  That’s it.  Try them.  Next time you start an argument that has no logic, no common sense, no inkling of rational truth – PROBABLY SO.  PROBABLY SO.

You are such an idiot!  PROBABLY SO.   You are so unfair!  PROBABLY SO.   You hate me!  PROBABLY SO.  You are the worst mother in the f…ing world!  PROBABLY SO.

If you doubt me I encourage you to try them.  Use them and turn and walk away.  Don’t engage.  Don’t continue, walk away and go water the daisies.

To discover the power of these words and why they are so effective, I encourage you to do yourself and your hormone infused teen boys and girls – but Teen Proofing by Dr John Rosemond today!

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