How many of us, our friends or people we know, have young adults aka Millennials, that:

  1. Have dropped out of college and returned home to live?
  2. Have never found their way up and out and never left home?
  3. Have changed their plans to accommodate a child who just won’t get up and become and adult?
  4. Have to live captive in their homes after raising children because of a child who is still a child?

There are other scenarios but you get the idea.

Last month, a Pew Research Center report grabbed a lot of attention for saying that, for the first time since 1880, young adults ages 18 to 34 are more likely to live with a parent than in any other arrangement. The Washington Post ran an article, The Real Reason So Many Millennials are Living at Home  

Getting young people ready to leave, move on, become successful and self-supporting is a huge task.  It is also the hope of parents and the natural way of doing life.  We raise them to get a life.

I want to talk briefly about one simple but determining aspect of helping make that happen.  It is a happy word called HOPE.  Children who have HOPE, have two primary, side by side elements that drive them and their HOPE!


  1. They believe they have a future.  That future is a place where they will thrive and become someone who is successful.  That success is defined in many ways but it is a defined and clear vision of where they can go and what they can become.  They have a sense of well defined purpose.
  2. They have a pathway to get there.  That means they know they have what it takes to make it to their destination.  They know themselves.  They have beliefs about themselves.  They know their Talents and what they have to impact and give to their world.  They may falter but HOPE drives and sustains them.

Ask yourself about that Millennial you know, yours or your friends.  Do they have Hope, those two vital ingredients?

I have spent 30 years working with families, my three children and thousands of other children, young adults and even adults who needed HOPE.  The My Life Scene software and the other programs I have created are all HOPE based.  They all are here to help your Millennial get a life and get them UP – OUT – FOREVER….except for when they get married, have kids who you get to have fun with.

If you know a Millennial or parent of one who needs help, would you share this article with them.  Our programs could mean a whole new life for them. Have a look at:

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