A great article with a great video talks about how your child (you too) can change the way you make it to where you want to get.  

It is about “Mindset”.  Mindset is a way of looking at life which says and accepts failure as part of the process of growth a development.

  1. Accept we are not perfect but in development.
  2. We will fail.
  3. Failure does not mean we are bad, less than, worthless of not going to get to our destination.
  4. It is important to have a sense of direction.  Know where you are going and where you are headed.
  5. When we fail or make mistakes, it is a happening.  If we fail deliberately, deal with it deliberately.  Apologize to those who are harmed and correct your behaviors to reflect your direction.  Move on.

Take failing an exam.  Your child studies hard but for some reason studies the wrong chapter or subject material.  They get a bad grade.  Learn and know that if there is a way to make up and listen better next time so they get the right chapter, listen!

Or, your child does not study.  They fail.  They played with friends and went to a movie.  Let them own it.  Let them wear their failure.  The emotion must be corrective.  They must own their failure but they must also own their use of time.  Most important if your child has the ability, they need to know that they own the engine of their success and if they want to enjoy the rewards of success, then apply it.

Teen and Millennial life is tough.  We all went though it.  Make sure your child thinks though their own success plan for the future.  They need clarity and direction they own for their own lives.  The motivation to buy into a plan that you consult on and have a buy in is what makes most plans work.


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