I wanted to share this fun article to help you with talking with your teen.  One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to find ways to communicate with someone who lives in an alien world.

Before I share it, want to give you the best secret I ever found that works brilliantly if you want to talk with your teen.  I raised three by myself.  This will work 98.392075534% of the time if you do it.  Follow the simple steps.

  1. Talk while doing something your teen loves doing.  Here are three examples:
    • Andre my oldest was introverted and quiet but would always talk if asked.  But I can remember either throwing a football or shooting baskets would create the best and most open communication opportunity.    He would become louder.  Joke around.  We had the forum to communicate.
    • Adam was the extrovert, loud, always moving always connecting.  Trying to talk by getting his attention was never easy.  But if you either got him while listening to music or cooking he would talk.  He loved music.  That environment, though not my style of music, would make him engage.  He studied culinary arts and became a chef, so cooking also made talking important.
    • Amy, my girl child, was a talker and connector.  She would talk in the car but it had to be with her and her alone.  She needed undivided attention and no brothers to interject.  The other best place was when she was having fun diving off our dock, swimming and having me judge her dives.  It was when she was having fun.  Laughing and just being silly.
  2. Talk when your child is able to do something they are good at.  It doesn’t matter what, just something they have a Talent for.  When teens feel in control and doing something they excel at, they will talk.  If you demand they talk and connect on your turf, your space, your terms, good luck!

Remember all teens are different.  They each have their communication zone.  You can demand, make, shout, scream, take away stuff, tell them you are in charge, send them to a therapist, pray, cry, plead, stomp your foot, or whatever….but try what I suggest and tell me it didn’t work.

Lastly, the article, “100 Questions to Ask Your Teen Other Than “How Was School?” is worth a read. I encourage you to read it.


If you want to learn how to communicate with your teen and need help, we help.  We have some amazing Parent Coaches who can change the way you connect and communicate with your teen.
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