Future Finders Program

Future Finders Program

Ycan say goodbye to worrying about your child’s future…today!

If you’ve ever stayed up at night worrying about:

  • Will my child be successful?
  • How can I help make their experiences now benefit them later in life?
  • My child is just lost and doesn’t believe in themselves. What do I do?
  • How do I help my child stand up to the pressures of peers, school and all the craziness?
  • Will they waste time switching majors in college? How can I ensure that doesn’t happen?
  • Will they end up living on my couch as an adult?
  • Could other kids whose parents don’t have the same values as us influence my child?
  • Am I giving my child all they need to be happy and successful in life?
  • Is my child doing bad things I don’t know about?
  • Why is my child bored all the time and not taking school seriously?
  • Should I be doing anything differently?
  • What can I do to make sure he/she is living up to his/her best potential?
  • Are there things I’m doing or not doing that may be hindering their success in school/life?
  • Is my child’s school doing everything they can to find their real gifts they’ll use in life?
  • How many years/semesters will be wasted in college?

Then you have come to right people! We will help with all these!

What You And Your Children Get

Real Answers. Hard Evidence. Hope. Clarity. Control. Optimism. Success.

1. 8 X 90-120 minute sessions with two professional Talent Success Profilers. You will receive about 40 hours of expert evaluation and coaching. These professionals have between 20-30 years of experience each. They have worked with hundreds or families. They are experts.

2. You and your child will take the following Talent DNA Profiles.
Success/Talent Tests Description

3. Two primary books. “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” by Mark R Demos, the founder of the program and “Strengths Based Parenting” by Dr Mary Reckmeyer.

4. Talent DNA Profile website for your child. This site will memorialize and display their Talent DNA and
success profile. (Click on any of the pictures below to see samples of some of the Talent Profiles)

5. A comprehensive Success Pathway Profile for your child.

6. A practical Parenting Pathway Plan to help you become an amazing parent.